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I’ve been a musician most of my life until the fateful day when my friend, who was producing a commerical demo for Chrysler/Mitsubishi asked me if I could just ‘rap’ on this demo he was doing. He’d finished the sound track but needed a voice to go with the rythmic track. The client wanted ‘the guy on the demo’ and the following week it was on the SuperBowl. I got an agent and started working at a career that I didn’t see coming at all. I don’t know that, as jobs go, they get any more fun than voice overs…particularly animation.
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“Even minor characters are afforded memorable voices in this superb reading.”   - Publisher’s Weekly (All About Lulu)
Mish's performance adeptly communicates Will's intense longing for Lulu, his feelings of inadequacy, and his heartbreak. The narration is well paced, and every one of Will's self-deprecating jokes is ably timed. His Lulu makes a believable progression from chatty girl to hysterical-sounding teen to distressed young woman. His Big Bill is somehow both stoic and goofy, and Mish brings the right amount of dopiness to Will's dim-witted twin brothers. Even minor characters are afforded memorable voices in this superb reading.